Asgards Honor

This section of my page is entirely dedicated to the MUD called Asgards Honor. The mud has been up for over 6 years, and it's loosely modeled after the late, great, Valhalla MUD. Many of the commands are the same, the stat system is very similar, and even the bulk of the players on Asgards are Ex-Valhallians. The atmosphere on the MUD is rather laid back, there aren't very many really serious players on there. It's just a good place to go and relax and have some fun. You play at your own pace, and if all you want to do is sit and talk, that's fine too.

I'm always looking for new things to add to this page, so if you have a bio you'd like to share, logs, who lists, etc, even if it's stuff from Valhalla, just send them along and I'll post them.

You'll find me on the mud in one of (currently) 3 characters. Click on the name to see current-ish stats

     Kasmir - Wizard

     Lenwe - Samurai, Level 10

     Shibou - Slayer, Level 2


  • Player listings of some current players.
  • Logs of some humorous/historic events.
  • Some who lists from various times.
  • Rokk's old Valhalla page is still here, for all you sentimental types :)