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Greetings - New Site (2012-11-02)
Hi there!

Welcome to my site. I hope to integrate the photo gallery directly here before long, as it is the most commonly updated. I've decided to ditch the blogging style thing entirely. I wasn't updating it, and probably never will. If you'd like to see my ongoing ramblings, I'm on twitter as @KasTwits.

I've implemented a new, far more easy to use photo gallery. The style is more straightforward, things are just listed with newest items first, all in one stream. Grouping things into events was creating headaches when dealing with images that fall into multiple categories, and I decided to simplify. I'll add photo tag links at some point so that you can get groups of photos that way. The old gallery is still up, and will remain up for a while, basically until I get everything converted to the new format.

In the meantime, you can select one of the options below.